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Why order From Us

Why order our Career Coaching Service?

In the world of Career Coaching, there are lots of options and coaches to choose from, so why order from us?


We think of you.
When we created this career coaching service we had our recruitment experience and your career progression concerns in mind, so we created a line of Job industry coaching solution to help you evaluate your next career move and get a dream Job with minimum stress in the process.


We have a new Career Coaching experience for you.
We guide you with insight from your Job Industry so you are not led with old irrelevant general career advice. How we coach an IT professional to get a dream job is 100% different to how a Retail professional would be coached. Coaching must be Job Sector tailored.

Whether you are at a cross road in your career, are stuck in a current post, or are just seeking a promotion with a higher salary, our coaching will help you inject fresh life back into your career.

Our service is around your changing Industry demands; we are skilled to place you on a definite path of career development. This programme is destined to set you miles apart from the competition.

With our Job Sector experience, research and expertise we will help you to define your career and realign your focus on what matters to you!

Our coaches’ works with ambitious professionals, just like you, to overcome their career hurdles.

We offer a professional, practical, carefully structured confidential service. We can work with you no matters were you are in the world to make sure your specific needs are fully covered.


A few more reasons to order from us............

  • We get results! - Many customers simply can’t believe it; our ability to get you noticed and help you secure a dream role has been proven time and time again – read a selection of our testimonials.
  • We deliver a High-Quality, Affordable Career Coaching Service that has satisfied customers across the US, Europe, Africa and Asia.
  • We will teach you how to position yourself on LinkedIn for maximum results
  • All our CV / Resumes -Curriculum Vitae are written to target both local and International vacancies.
  • With your coaching, you will receive a superb personal customer service.
  • No matter where you are in the world, you will receive email, Skype and phone support from your consultant in the daytimes or evenings.
  • We will help you evaluate your next career move and also where your career would lead you in in the next 5-10 years.
  • We know your Job industry very well, from the latest top qualifications/courses, to the transferable skills, the growing start-ups and even Job responsibilities, as recruiters we have got you covered. 
  • Our service fits around you. It's your career, after all.
  • Your career coach will determine your skills gap and game plan to obtain a promotion or a new Role.
  • Our Coaching Consultants have spent years in the Recruitment Industry themselves.
  • We know what employers are looking for.
  • We know what works and what doesn't.
  • Our coaching is tailored to both local and international Job opportunities.
  • We are a part of (J-First Recruitment Ltd) an established UK Company.
  • No other CV / Resume Company can rival our talent and direct recruitment experience.
  • Our consultants have processed thousands of Job applications, CVs and Resumes, and we have worked with professionals from different countries including: UK, America, Australia, New Zealand, Dubai, Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, China, India, South Africa, Poland, Kenya, and Pakistan, just to mention a few countries.
  • We are 100% up-to-date with the competitive job market.